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    This is our parody of WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion called GUACAMOLE!
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    Merrell Twins Exposed ep1
    2 Sets of Twins Drive Thru Prank
    Fans Write our Video
    The Break Up
    Guac in this house
    One dollar each, I get them once a week
    Avocados, I want so I can eat
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Yeah I'm gonna make some guacamole
    Get my knife and then I chop for some guacamole
    Squeeze a lime right on top for some guacamole
    You want them ripe not really hard
    Extra soft and extra large
    Buy a lot to make at home
    Not chipotle no extra charge
    Cut it up, what's inside
    Take the pit out, put it aside
    Cilantro and salt, get the lime
    Squeeze it out, then its time
    Mash it up, then combine
    Stir it around, looking fine
    I'm going to take a chip and dip
    It needs a little more salt
    It's so green, so serene
    I might be it for halloween
    When you cook, keep it clean
    But don't leave the dishes in the sink
    Holy moly, holy moly, I love guacamole
    Avocado toast, yeah I eat it in the morning
    I eat it in my salad, or make it as a dressing
    Put it on a burger, eat it with some veggies
    Feed me now, taste so wow
    Even my cat, yeah he said "meow"
    I can even serve it in a molcajete
    Do you want it mild or caliente?
    Now get your plate and a bowl
    For some guacamole
    Coming over for some dinner
    I got some guacamole
    If you don't like avocados
    Then I'm really sorry
    But I think that you should try
    My guacamole
    Look I need an onion, I need a tomato
    I need some peppers like a jalepeno
    Not a sweet one, I need a spicy one
    Want some healthy guac, its already keto
    If you want the recipe, its no secret
    Don't need a mask, I'm already wearin it
    If it turns brown go on and mix it,
    I bet you that no one will notice the difference.
    Double dip, that's a no,
    If you do that, then can you go
    If you disrespect my guac, my elbow says hello
    My guac is fire, I put it on my tacos
    Looks like art, you can call me Picasso
    It's so smooth, just like gelato
    A standing ovation, they all say bravo
    Avocado freak yeah, part of my thesis
    I Take them on walks, yeah even go to beaches
    I Give them bubble baths, scrub deep in the creases
    Make 'em look clean, yeah leaving people speechless
    In the food chain, it's a healthy fatty
    Antioxidants, not a sugar daddy
    Lycopene, beta-carotene,
    My avocados taking care of me
    Don't need friends, this my new gang
    Jojo Siwa, like a boomerang
    All elements, call it avatar aang
    Now we in Star Wars bang bang bang
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Yeah I'm gonna make some guacamole
    Get my knife and then I chop for some guacamole
    Squeeze a lime right on top for some guacamole
    Scoop it out, then I plop
    That's some guacamole
    Get my knife and then I chop
    For some guacamole
    I'm talking guac, guac, guac
    That's some guacamole
    Squeeze a lime right on top
    for some guacamole

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