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    We wrote a song using comments from one of our live streams! What did you think? Is it pasta or noodles?
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    1. Avni Vijay

      Poor nessa

    2. Rujuta Suthar


    3. Sophia Burch


    4. Chealsea Bhagwandeen

      Nessa is nice its ok about the pasta do it your way or nobodys way!😊😊😊😀😀😀😀❤❤

    5. Donutss Lover

      👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👏

    6. Donutss Lover

      OMG 😮 U can sing so good

    7. Solly Kgomo

      yall should do a twin vs twin to see who is the better cook

    8. Vyomika Dhamija

      Why were people making such a big deal just about pasta and noodles 🤨

    9. It’s Mahaut

      People were really hating on them for not cooking the way they think it should be cooked like pls we're not all professional cooks and they were trying something for fun. Some people are really unbelievable.

    10. Aarabi Sivakumaran

      Roni and Nessa are so kind and all people have diffrent ways of making an particulare type of food and that is what they done , atleast we are all here with them right we are kind and going to always be here for the merrell twins and their family so who agrees with me and thinks they are very good singers and who is in with me to support them all no matter what...?

    11. Sharon Williams

      The merrell twins are the best They are always so sweet are caring

    12. Chon Sidra

      2:45 i love this part soo much!!!

    13. Loveth Imade

      I love past

    14. Livia yk

      i love how roni sang "i love how they say base-il not baz-il",it's so funny lollll

    15. natalie :D

      2:45 😍

    16. Madison Chyenne

      Round of applause for this video and the pasta! 👏👏👏 Love you guys so much! ❤️

    17. Kindi White

      4:21 this is when nessa said a girl just tryna say she don’t like cheese

    18. The Wonderful World of Saumya


    19. Tom O'Neill

      That’s cool and all but I just got 100% on Lego Batman 3

    20. Chocolate Queen

      Famous people : “omg so much drama guys stop hating” Merrel twins : “why do people hate on my pasta 😭 “

    21. Sarah Sovocool

      some of these were so mean, well its better to get drama bout pasta/noodles than anything else

    22. Suwela Paim Vassoa

      How was this so entertaining? 😂

    23. Suwela Paim Vassoa

      OMG. I’m still laughing so hard!!!

    24. Aaliyah B

      The people who said Nessa was rude, Nessa isn't rude she just doesn't like cheese just respect that Can we also talk about how Nessa's voice. 4:32 amazing voice

    25. emma. griff

      they sing so beautifully!! even if it's supposed to be hilarious (which it is) it's still so prettyyyy

    26. SDMIII :

      Something as simple as pasta can cause such a stir.

    27. kitty

      I don't understand why other people hate nessa its soo sad😔

    28. Karen Moser

      Umm... Idk who put “ bunch of Karen’s in this stream” But I would like that joke to end. it’s mean and makes me feel sad whenever someone brings it up. Just a btw.

    29. snowy alicia

      What do they have to hate for? They are the most unproblematic KGup channel in the world- that’s why I’m a fan🖤

    30. Eva N.

      Those comments were so mean!!!! They don’t deserve hate!! Who agrees with me?

    31. Medmobileserver

      You guys are amazing. And your voices are amazing

    32. Somewhat Jaiden

      4:21 and 2:48

    33. anabiya aftab

      I loved your song

    34. ADDISON'S World

      I am learning this amazing song 😊👍✨🎧😍😍❤️

    35. Lonely Karen

      2:45 I think this might’ve been there best singing in this video :) Also 4:20

    36. Róisín Murphy

      You two are sooooooo good at singing you have amazing voices love all your vids have a great day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ y'all are amazing people keep doing what you are doing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    37. Light Sum

      Wait the last two comments are nice?

    38. dancing sisters

      2 : 52 I was crying so good

    39. Asma Masood

      I really liked the song but I feel bad for ness but my comment didn't appear in the video 😞😞☹☹🙁🙁

    40. Fun with Kinza

      4:25 nessa killed it 🥰❤️🤚 both of them did amazing 😍

    41. Smitty Smith

      You guys are awesome

    42. Lucia De Sade

      This is literally the best song ever LOL I love it

    43. Lucia De Sade

      No one: Nobody ever: The Merkel twins: makes song about No0dLes and PaStAaaaaAaAA

    44. Maddie Schumacher

      Omg thanks so much for putting my comment in the video i love you giys

    45. Bella .D

      wait but the beat of the song is SO good, and imagine it as a love song it would be soo good omg

    46. Nicole Chua

      Uh why are people arguing abt pasta

    47. Jelly Chelly


    48. Jana Francisco

      Idk why was this kinda like sad or something? Nessss singing is on point. Her singing is absolutely amazing and the same with roni too.

      1. Bella .D

        when the beat drop it sounds so good it makes me emotional idk why😂😂

    49. YeaImTrash Trash

      I love your song about pasta this is a very nice song this song makes me feel like pasta

    50. Crazy PandaKitty

      Ok but like this song should be on spotify

    51. Sebastian Dynamite

      You actually have good voices

    52. Lay Lay PoohQueen

      Why is this good tho

    53. Alisha Khanna

      The way nessa sang ummmm excuse me a girl saying she doesent like cheese and I have never heard q more beautiful disaster

    54. Mama Anonymous

      Love U soooooooo much I thought U did it amazing 🥲!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. widaad idzwan guys should make a carier. I'm serious tho- look at this 2:45 👁️👄👁️ unbelievable👌

    56. Sweets n treats By emaan

      Fabulous! Love ❤️ you both merrel twins no matter which kind of video’s you both make they turn out to be fabulous!right!let’s take a moment and admire how beautiful you both are!have a good day!

    57. freezy frappe

      YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZING!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

    58. Khadheeja Adam

      Why did so many people call Nessa rude Nessa is kind sweet cute and no one can call her rude ya'll have to go tro us And P.S. I no I spelled tro wrong I forgot the spelling ok don't judge me

    59. hala Mahmoud hala

      Love you guys ❤💖

    60. hi, i simp for dahyun

      Roni's alto and Nessa's soprano mix so well !

    61. rosie's chanal my chanal

      wow, girls and Nessa I am sorry for the cheese hate comments :) and veronica i think you are a good cut but so is Nessa

    62. Abigail Osagie

      You guys are funny

    63. Catherine Sloan

      I think your singing is amazing

    64. Catherine Sloan

      these r so rude... but some of I think are more just suggesting things but yes they do sound rude and demanding...

    65. Sloth Jane

      Wait no 4:41

    66. Sloth Jane

      2:44 haha

    67. Megan Iriarte

      when it hit nessa part and roni it got me amazed

    68. Bella Mason

      "A girl just tryna say that she don't like cheese" GOD THAT WAS POWERFUL!!!!!!!

    69. Danica Rellores


    70. Math Practices

      They sang this so well. I loved this!! (つ˘◡˘)づ♥

    71. Queen Of Youtube

      While I was watching this I was eating pasta

    72. Raisha Sharif

      These people can sing anything and make it sound nice

    73. ayers gynesis


    74. Rebekah Balman

      That’s was absolutely awesome. Loved it !!

    75. Jaye Tee

      and it is bazil no e you need the il in it bye

    76. Jaye Tee

      dont let some one get in the way of you you are having a good day but they arent so say im not going to let you make me have a good day you are amzing so her is a littil letter dear merrel twins you are so cool and you guys are the best youtubers so please write back my name is iyhla but the h is silent ii live in new zeland

    77. Potjoy Games

      People make things different

    78. rosie shute

      the fact that they made hate comments into a beautiful song ilysm

    79. P Usman

      They sang so beautifully I put this on and I took the volume off and I sang this to my twin she said wow I said I copied merrell twins also me and my twin do this I wanted to be Veronica and she wanted to be vanessa

    80. Shanglesplays Gaming

      Just to be honest everyone makes their pasta differently so people shouldn’t be rude to you guys also I feel bad for nessa people were so mean to her

    81. Masifa Khurram

      The best way to deal with hate:

    82. Irfan Niazi

      I think the people who was rude to roni and nessa is a hater Btw lysm

    83. charlotte smidt

      well, everyone does things differently and i think that the people writing the means comments are just wrong!!!! why do they even care about how much oil they put or how much salt they put..........i feel really bed for nessa and ronnie

    84. Mayu M

      their voices are soo nice like disney princesses so beautiful 😍💗 love them

    85. Nelli Tang

      Roni sang the line „I feel like Nessa was rude and overexaggerating..“ and Nessa was so Good at the comment after that

    86. Gamers World

      i think they sound so good they should be singers and a celebrity

    87. Milly Potato

      You guys don’t listen to them I love your content! 💖

    88. Amelia A-C

      honestly it made me really sad to see all these people saying Nessa isn't nice cause she has not changed at all in any bad way, the girls are evidently really kind and are perfect as allways

    89. Kristine Kalnina

      You are sick bra lol00

    90. Pluto Pandey

      See, this is exactly why we buy cup noodles.

    91. Peter Palmer

      At 6:19 the way nessa says cooking.. IM IN LOVEEE

    92. Leo Nguyen

      I literally love this Channel


      this is why i love the merrell twins so much! they get hate and rude comments and they turn it into something fun and show people how amazing they really are!!

    94. izonenation

      the way Roni said baz-il. i cried of laughter-

    95. • Cuppycakes and Swirlzies •

      How is cooking it wrong make them rude 😂

    96. Ava

      West thing evvvaaa

    97. Lukecombslover I love Luke combs

      Omg let them cook pasta how they want like-

    98. e m m y

      2:35 Nobody: Veronica’s eyebrows: ↗️↖️↗️↖️↗️↕️↖️↗️⏫🔼⤴️

    99. May Mand

      *If you don't like cheese, like this so i can see how many people hate cheese.*

    100. Poppy Dutton

      SO MUCH PASTA!!!!

      1. Poppy Dutton

        Thanks for 🖒ing my comment