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    We tried popular TikTok challenges! Which challenge was your favorite?
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    1. rodney adams

      smell box chalange. saw PBS. there ideas was soap, smell old soak, pine needles, grasses, cheese but have dad and Arron pick smell things want. there blind fold you and pull out box have smell it see if get right. not sure how box play into it. have smell out box but think blind folds work better.

    2. Eva Loskoska-Postolov

      Nessa did I not do it? Roni umm um well technically its supposed do go off the end of the table

    3. Natasha Friesen

      you Guys make me laugh

    4. Kiana Carranza

      This is my favorite video on KGup!!! If I could ❤️ this video some how I would!!!

    5. GlitchGodDeimos

      When Nessa gags at the goat cheese I literally eat everyday. I’m also named Vanessa. I guess not all of us love goat cheese. So much so I make dip out of it constantly and I am having air fried chicken and french fries w my goat cheese dip. It’s so fckin good. I love it. From now on Nessa can just give me her goat cheese portions bc I eat that so much.

      1. GlitchGodDeimos

        Oh I didn’t mean to say die as in literally die. It’s not that serious. Just really really painful. My digestive system just up and glitches for at least 2 days. Sometimes more. It’s just like “naw binch we aint doing that” and everything seizes up and I get cramps galore for days lol

      2. GlitchGodDeimos

        Also idk about you but I’m highly highly reactive to cow dairy. But goat dairy suits me just fine. If I ate some of my fave traditional mexican cheeses I grew up on like Queso Oaxaca (ten million times better than ANY mozzarella btw) I would die. But goat cheeses? Just fine. Btw goat brie? Best. Goat cheddar? Best cheddar. Goat gouda? It’s so smelly and delicious. I love it for pastas and such. I love goat cheese. Sheeps cheese is amazing too but I also can’t digest that at all it seems. I break out badly and my stomach goes grrrr. 😠


      12:44 its really a twin theleprethy

    7. fun with emma

      Try Indian food


      Me just be like don't nessa feel uncomfortable wearing that on camera


        @Silence Is Better Than Nonsense No cause she takes off her long sleeves thing and she is only wearing a crop top for the rest of the video

      2. Silence Is Better Than Nonsense

        Uncomfortable wearing what? I’m really confused because they’re both wearing crop tops, both wearing jeans, and both wearing long sleeves, lol.

    9. Ariana Enciso

      2:55 what was that noise

    10. Eileen Tagarook

      I love that she split the $200

    11. Adriean Hawkins

      i love your videos i am a big fan

    12. Francesco Bondini

      it is clear that you have never eaten real cheese ahahah

    13. Sloth Jane

      0:37 haha and Roni be like we have tik tok so go follow us

    14. alessandra romero

      vanessa trying to get her one time moment ------>5:23

    15. Sophia Jodie Jadear

      8:00 🤣😂 roni's face when nessa said "did you get knee burn too, like me" 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

    16. saira ahuja

      the m&m be like- I was not qualified for this!

    17. Keira H

      It's so sweet how she shared the money at the end!!🥺

    18. Biance De Villiers

      i think it was a tie like if you pass the 2nd line and catch it you get a point

    19. Nishya Abdullah

      I hate tomato

    20. Czarina Mae Tabelina

      This my third time watching this and im crying POOR NESSA she could've been the winner in the cup game🤧

    21. Bethany Mason

      Love how Nessa was just a mess😂😂🥰

    22. Latifa Ahddoud

      you guys are literally my favorite KGuprs ever

    23. purple dragon

      2:58 lol

    24. Nicolas Perpitch

      Roni: it’s soooo spicy Nessa: it’s spicy!!!!

    25. Jaimie Rice

      Nessa: ( just living her life) Also nessa:Ew ew ew!!!

    26. Subiksha Subi

      The m&m made me laughh soooo hardddd😂

    27. •Zee •

      M&M:I don't wanna be eaten

    28. Crispy Bacon

      Weren’t they in that one movie

    29. DJ princess

      Such a funny video🤣😂

    30. msm5334

      The damelios get cancelled for acting like they do towards food

    31. charlie Albon

      Did she just say all cheese is !old oh WHAT

    32. Starz Editz

      We do the wa ppaaa

    33. 7F Ayesha Arshad 2741

      *this is how many time they said **_NO!_*

    34. Saryn Gainer

      I love how Nessa has been doing been doing this for a long time, but still can't do the intro :)

    35. Kiran Kaur

      The only thing I hear from nessa: Here I go!

    36. Anna Hooper

      The Eminem doesn’t like you guys! Hahahah😹😹😹

    37. abeeha kazmi

      Someing I dont like about the channle Is roni Is so nice to nessa ans nessa and rude to roni

    38. Gianna Esteban

      I at goat cheese growing up

    39. Ashley Rice

      It's not a merrel twins video until someone gags/throws up or until someone says eww

    40. Hadley Mullen

      me: dying of laughter in the beginning when Nessa said "all the links will be in the difwbvfjbwel"

    41. Jean Nickelson Saintol

      I love neesa the more💝😍

    42. Sharvari Salvi

      OMG the m&m one😂😂😂😂

    43. Talia Davidson

      u guys remind me of twin friends.

    44. Valerie Duran

      In the first challenge count how many times nessa says ewwwa

    45. Brenda Raya

      NOOOOO you shouldn't mix dairy and lemon/lime! The milk rots instantly in your stomach...

    46. Audrey Maegan Que

      Veronica voice and donnalyn bartolome just like the same

    47. Victoria Siauvale

      Nessa always wants money she a wannabe and roni is better

    48. Sofia G

      Nessa face when are the lemon 🥴

    49. Ains and Rox

      I’ve never seen them be so active and run from one end of the table to the other

    50. Shivangi Parmar

      10:26 Veronicas face is so funny

    51. Heather Leach


    52. Vigsentuti Pruti

      How old are i

    53. Vigsentuti Pruti

      wow i have a lot of Camre tings

    54. Christina butterfly

      The way veronica says "I am so sorry egg"is so funny.

    55. Christina butterfly

      At the beginning nessa blauhblauhbluh is so funny.

    56. Brian Stelzer

      It’s funny how much Nessa hates cheese 😂

    57. Cemal Cumali

      Gaging from eating a tomato?? Wtf??

    58. Emalyn Street

      Vanessa won like half of the ones Veronica took points for. Roni is kind of a sore loser

    59. Sasha Habel

      Can you do a video of roni love BTS and nessa love Black pink PLZZ I love you 💕

    60. Shaira Cruz

      they're literally sister goalllssss ahhh

    61. Maya Bouru

      Nessa’s face at 8:23: 👁👄👁 HAHAHAHA! (Sorry nessa!)

    62. Keerthi Srihari

      Can we get a part 2😂❤️

    63. Elvis Logsdon

      there is a cheese shop near where i live it is called milkfarm and they have very high quality cheese and other things. love your vids❤️can i get a shout out?

    64. peppa pig

      i love Nessa's laugh😂

    65. Kafe Kita

      Roni and nessa look cute when they act like eating bad or fell sad

    66. Kafe Kita

      I love roni,s hair so much

    67. Kafe Kita

      Aww roni and nessa are sooo sweat to each other when nessa fall roni said are you okay whith a upset scared face for nessa ☺☺☺

    68. Kafe Kita

      I love lemon 😘😘😘

    69. Kafe Kita

      I hate cheeesee i almost puked🤢🤮

    70. Daisy Duke

      Lol I love hot sauce and I am 10

    71. Abigail Ella

      their relationship is everything

    72. Alyssa Dana

      The m and m literally didn’t want messaged you eat it lol & Goat cheese is amazing lol

    73. Sadie Hall

      This is how many people loveeeeeeeee the merrel twins 👇

    74. Sylvia Patterson

      Omg her face when she at the lemon lol sorry I like to commet😬

    75. Sylvia Patterson

      Hey how are u merral twins hope u are safe!

    76. Ashok Shetty

      My fav twin is roni

      1. Ashok Shetty

        Sorry nessa

    77. Veronica Shane Casinao

      omg we have the same name I am veronica and my sister is vanessa, me and my sister were surprised as you introduced yourself, we are now one of your Filipino fans

    78. dhrithi marthala

      i dont know if there are any bts army here looking through the comments but we all know from where the egg challenge came from... it came from run bts ep come on .namjoon and taehyung . yall agree ?but trust the egg challenge in general is pretty fun :)

    79. Sandra Fuentes

      I love the merrell twins I'm a huge fan

    80. Sandra Fuentes

      And one more thing his name is Daniel Gizmo

    81. Sandra Fuentes

      Veronica a boy named daniel likes you you can go on the spy ninjas channel and go to the video the slip in slide

    82. Tracey Meunier

      Yo7 guys are really beautiful sisters so never give up

    83. Hudson Brock

      I love cheese too😝!

    84. Hudson Brock

      I love your videos

    85. Brynley Baetz

      Will y’all please do another smoothie challenge??????

    86. Ikbal Doughan

      Roni: aaa Also roni: blaaa Roni the queen of being grossed out 🤣🤣🤣🤣 No offense

    87. Rinesa Zefaj

      Nessa is mean roni is softiee

    88. Idaly Avila

      Yesssss queen

    89. Anya Ghurburrun

      Best sisters ever

    90. Anya Ghurburrun

      The merrell twins make me sad to happy

    91. Yesha Deleon


    92. Jossalyn Ordonez

      ronni: I'm so sorry egg her keeps laughing

    93. MiaDoesMakeup

      Omg when they did the egg challenge thing it was so even and on beat

    94. Sarah Cooper

      I'm confused why do you guys call each other different names!! i have always wanted to know you real name!! btw this was so funny!!

    95. CreateWithMe

      Whenever roni said "nessa" the subtitles said nasa Lol 😂

    96. Tahleah Chetty

      What is goat cheese? 🤢

    97. althea halili

      I love how people dont call them Veronica and Vanessa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    98. tajmilur biplob

      u need to do more vids like this cause u guys are good at these.

    99. Reysa Meylan

      Vanessa "got u" is just SO CUTE

    100. Zadies World

      The twins are awesome,always make my day,and are so funny 😂 lol