We Found Our Childhood in Storage - 2000's Nostalgia - Merrell Twins


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    If you’re a 90’s or 2000’s kid, did you have any of these things?
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    1. merrelltwins

      Do you know what any of these things are? Let us know! ☺️

      1. Elizabeth Stephens

        Y'all are literally unlocking so many memories I never even knew I had!!

      2. Roblux Gwendolyn ಠ_ಠ

        That doll that you had is from the big Comfy couch

      3. CookieGamerMar

        Lps XD

      4. Dayana Madrid

        I had some of the toys but some i have no idea what they are

      5. Viviana Rifici

        I was born 2012 and I know a couple because my older sister (she was born 2000s) she still had some and I play with it.

    2. chocolatesandwiches

      I’m a 2000’s kid

    3. moonxvlogs

      I am 2008 but I also had that movie thin g

    4. Luna Ruby

      That habit to me

    5. Mason Goodpasture

      basically i played with all of those things when i was a kid ps really bring me back to the good old days

    6. Mason Goodpasture

      me and my sister had so many webkins we had like 20 i think

    7. Mason Goodpasture

      i would play super mario bros on the DS when i was a kid and i beat the game

    8. Elizabeth Stephens

      Oh my gosh y'all are literally unlocking memories I never knew I had!!!!

    9. Elizabeth Stephens

      WOAH. u unlocked some memoriieeesss

    10. obi is cute

      We got this video idea from Georgia productions Me: I just watched that video before that

    11. Alexia Chanel

      Polly pocket

    12. Eva Loskoska-Postolov

      Roni the two thousands are calling they want your justice clothes back

    13. stylekat

      Omg i loved Polly Pocket so much when i was a kid

    14. Lacey LaVonne

      PART 2. I can’t believe you guys are older than me!! I was born in 1999 so seeing all these toys brings back many memories

    15. Nice

      I had the Bigger polly pockets I just lost them somewhere :/

    16. Mariyam Maish

      I was born in 2013 so I had no idea what those wer but those ddi look fun to play with

    17. GenjuTsû

      I’m 18 I was born in 2003. I also grew up with most of those things, not the toys because I’m a guy lol. I had toys like wrestlers, legos, hot wheels, GI Joe action figures, and a bunch of Nickelodeon toys like Rugrats, Rocket power, jimmy neutron. And I pretty much had about every game system from the 2000s since I grew up with a brother from 97 so he would always get the new latest games lol. And we also used to watch shows and movies through VHS tapes like toy story, recess, Barney, Jumanji, and Antz until cds took over in the late 2000s. Sometimes I wonder why people say we don’t belong with the early 2000s when we experienced the same things and sometimes even more if you had older siblings🤷‍♂️ We are definitely early 2000s lol.

    18. Alex and Luke Animations


    19. princess buttercup gaming

      I love LPS collectors LPS

    20. Lilah Visentin-Grigio

      I was OBBSESSED with pollypockets! sorr I'm so bad at spelling

    21. chxrrybun

      they kinda talk like their 7

    22. Quinn Manion

      I love you

    23. Naile

      This was so funny 😂😂 also Roni I chewed on the Polly pocket dolls clothes like gum 😂😂

    24. Allison Billick

      I’ve literally had all of these things and yes I chewed on the Polly pocket toys. They have a smell that I can’t explain

    25. Nidhi ridhima yadav

      Nope because I was born in 2011

    26. Baka_ Simp

      Is it just me or did I just realized that if you chew on the human I feel like a Titan (Google it if you don't know what a Titan is)


      I had big polli pockets

    28. Lyla's Life!

      The blue and purple things that roni and nessa looked at they look like among us vajresyers

    29. franchesca cayas

      i love ur guys dimples thy are so cute

    30. Jessica Varnum

      i had the hotel and the feriswheel polly pockets i loved polly pockets growing up

    31. Taco Friend

      I’m so happy that I watched this. I am a 2003 girl what are you?

      1. GenjuTsû

        Same may 1 2003. I’m a male. I’m glad to be born In The early 2000s!!

    32. Micka Senipenia

      Why do I have most of those stuffs in my child hood

    33. Rosario Olivera

      I had all those stuff lol

    34. DadowskiFamily


    35. Rosario Olivera

      I am also 24 lol and yes I have all those stuff when I was small And I also have a twin lol and her name is tamera

    36. H Chowdhury

      Was it just me who laughed when they blurred out when the dolls pants fell down

    37. Georgina Long

      Yooooooo when they pulled out the little live pets I was like MY HOLE CHILD HOOD WAS BASED ON THEMMMMM


      I had a Doodle Bear! I treated her like my actual daughter and brought her EVERYWHERE! I definitely annoyed my family with that! 😂😂😂😂

    39. Kaitlyn Mckee

      I miss the old gen of lps 😥 I still have mine

    40. Kacey Dassow

      I did

    41. Charlie Kendry

      I have those eye picture things

    42. Madison Chyenne

      I love this video! And you guys ❤️

    43. Frog

      Is there actually people who didn't chew on Polly pockets!!!???

    44. indira widjaja

      They should do a comparison on the old polly pocket to the new ones (Also they should see the polly pocket series

    45. galactic phoenix

      I have almost the same doll as at the end and I do not like it it is creepy

    46. Lissette Marquez

      I chewed on them

    47. sour Lemonz

      Well im from the philipines and i showed my parents these toys and they know what they are but they couldnt buy it since they were poor and i was born in 2010

    48. Braylon Chandley

      The littlest pet shops are still a thing

    49. Braylon Chandley

      I had the picture things

    50. John Albuquerque

      I have a webkin dog and a bear

    51. Sisters Kitchen

      part 2 pleasee

    52. OCT Liana

      Do a part 2

    53. French Dxisy

      I remember lps I still have mine

    54. ItsJtinePlays Sss

      them having there first flip phone vs my phone:AY AY AY IM YOUR LITTLE BUTTERFLY

    55. Jeff Grazer

      I had thos Disney goggle things (forgot what they are called)when I was 5 years old

    56. esh@naw

      I love your channel I can realte when you spend hours setting then your parents are come out for dinner

    57. Ivy Marie Corral

      Yes we want more

    58. Leilah Liddell

      I chewed on those to!!!!!!

    59. Maggie Passmore

      I grew up playing with all of this. Now my 8 year old sister has no idea what so ever what any of this is. She doesn't even know what the hell a CD is.

    60. Nelinho Sobion

      I was born in 2010 but I still know so of these and had all of these but am I an early 2000's but late 90's ?

      1. GenjuTsû

        Just wanted to say that because many people down on the year others were born which you cant do anything about, 1990s kids do the same to me. Don’t listen to them because decades later no one is gonna care. We might have had a little bit of different childhoods but we mostly lived through the same things. No matter what when you get older your gonna miss your childhood no matter what decade your born in because it’s the simpler and more fun times!! And if you like a decade more then yours then there’s no problem tryna enjoy or do the things they did or wear the fashion they did like I consider myself more of a 90s kid then a 2000s kid because the way I act and dress and my childhood was more 90s like.

      2. GenjuTsû

        No but your a early 2010s with some late 2000s influence which isn’t bad. The 2010s started turning bad around 2017-2018 forward. I was born 2003 and I’m 18 so I’m a hybrid growing up both in the 2000s and early 2010s. I personally enjoyed the early 2010s. The best years was probably 2010 to 2014 and year 2016!! Watch later on 10-20 years from now you will be proud you were born in 2010. I wish I was born on the first year of my decade.

    61. Kylie Haven

      I remember sitting in my room for HOURS play with poly pockets and my littlest pets 😂 oh good times

    62. Beth Hayes

      Sticks it in her ear- lollolll hahahhahah

    63. Beth Hayes

      I just wanna chew on it! Lol my fav line like umm what...

    64. Evie Rosales

      They are called Polly pockets I have one they're so cute 😻

    65. Veronique Torres


    66. Snazzy Whale


    67. Snazzy Whale

      I remember the view masters I loved those 😂

    68. Charlise Brown

      I’m 18 and i remember all of these

      1. Charlise Brown

        Or boy

      2. Charlise Brown

        Yeah girl

      3. GenjuTsû

        Same I’m proud to be born in the early 2000s. We truly had the best childhood!!

    69. alessandra romero

      i know cd u put the cd on the dvd player and u watch it on the tv and im young

    70. Hannah Allison

      I know what all of them are!!!😀

    71. Sleepy Haru

      The only things I really had that were in this video view masters im much younger than you guys so I didn’t have most of their 2000s toys

    72. Erin and Mason Kim

      I am a fan I watch all of your videos

    73. Lps Clumsy daisy

      I have that same littlest pet sop purple house and cat

    74. Jamie Gaffga

      I had doodle pets, pound puppies, Polly pockets, and those little clicks things with the pictures. I’m not going to pretend I don’t still play with them😂

    75. V! Ochako Uraraka

      Wait I have that exact same Webkinz cat! I have a full blown collection of them!

    76. Deanna

      Omg I had that exact Polly pocket limo that turns into a hot tub and my sister stole it one time and broke it so I broke her flip phone 😂🤣 And I had like all the lips there ever was and then one day my mum just sold them and was so mad like I was so sad and I cried so much and then I took 12 dollars of my mum and ran to the toys r us around the corner from our house to buy some more but I didn’t bring enough money😂🤣😂🤣

    77. Littlemissnoname Day


    78. Danielle Hanekom

      i hd the dodle pet

    79. tajmilur biplob

      The are like a child.Don't even believe that they are 24. How is this possible?!?!?

    80. SiimplyXsoftie Mimi


    81. Elyann Kwet-On

      jinx would be a whole nother level 4 u guys

    82. Annie Gomez

      Back then looks so fun then now I’m a kid so I’m gonna buy 2000s stuff cause toys now are boring

    83. Zuzia Blazejowskj

      I have a Nintendo DS which is my brother said he was born on 2009 like it's okay

    84. Kaelyn Steenwyk

      I thought I was going to be too young because I was born in 2005 but I had everything that they showed

    85. Hanan

      Nope i was born in 20013

    86. Adhyayan Omg

      I chewed on them alot

    87. Edward Rodriguez

      Y chew on ten to

    88. sana aziz ur Rahman

      5:18 looks like a among us character

    89. Justin Ganus

      omg lps

    90. aka Olivia

      Oh my goodness I had the doodle dog, the stuffed dolls and the polly pokets

    91. lusia szukalska

      your parents keeping it are geniuses!!! im so jealous you still got it all! i had them and i want to get them back!

    92. lusia szukalska

      your parents keeping it are geniuses!!! im so jealous you still got it all! i had them and i want to get them back!

    93. Nakayla Barghen

      I dont know why but I have 90's toys and I like them there just fun I guess

    94. Nora Ortiz

      I'm a 2010s kid but I used half of these things

    95. Ava And Besties

      I have the mansion and l'm 8

    96. Dat_Gacha_Girl

      I was born in 2011

    97. Bxrbie Doll

      When you have chewed on them 👁👄👁

    98. Allison Hefner

      I LOVE gorgia

    99. Eleanor Long

      Please try to log into Webkinz for a video - I can still log into mine and haven't played for at least 12 years!

    100. B L U E S U N

      Its the: GeT iN LoSeR WeRe GoNnA Go ShOpPiNg