Q&A and LIFE UPDATE! How We Are Doing, Talking About the Future, Love and more! - Merrell Twins


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    Answering your questions and giving a life update on everything going on in our lives!
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    We’re identical twin sisters who have been consistently making videos since 2013. We post videos showcasing our range in both comedy and music such as original comedy sketches, original scripted series, original songs, original music videos, gaming videos, weekly live streams, weekly gaming livestreams, twin swaps, twin sister vs twin sister, popular song parodies, popular song covers, original funny songs, 24 hour challenges, popular challenges, popular trends, lifestyle, fashion, and much more!

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    1. Ehtesham

      if he pays alot : ) :):))))))

    2. Karol Bella

      How bout the study?

    3. Crazy Animal Lady

      Tattoos aren’t for the rest of your life they’re only for like six months if you don’t like it you have to wait for it to heal and then you can go get it lasered off I hate it when people say tattoos are permanent and you can never get them off you can

    4. Kairus Gabriel

      Im new i watched this video and ut was so good that i had to subscribe and nnotification

    5. Mohammed Mohammed

      Omg my b-day is on August 5

    6. N Y

      I think the main reason why I genuinely enjoy your content is the fact that its clean.... which is quite rare if i may say nonexistent ... I love y'all , been a fan since a long time and i still get thrilled when i get a notification for your videos ....

    7. Chloe Proceso

      My favorite about the merrell twins is that they don't fight often me and my brother😂😂

    8. Alpha Gameing


    9. Blueberry_Gacha _

      Day 10 of requesting you guys to do a positive and motivational podcast!!! I really love you guys and it would be great to have a "Gottagetit" kind of podcast!!!❤️✨

    10. Monky Dollqueen


    11. Kanzy Banzy

      Almost at 6 Million subscribers?!! YET THEY DESERVE MUCH MORE😭😭😭like, are we even in reality right now? PLEASE😫✋

    12. Zara Blu

      Merrel twins: we are 24 yrs old almost 25 Me: *still thinking they are still 22 👁👄👁

    13. Christina Cervantez


    14. Vera Burmeister

      I thought that youtubers weren't supposed to share their status with god.

    15. Vera Burmeister

      Please please please don't make one of those exclusive clubs! KGup is supposed to be a platform where people can post things for others enjoyment BUT IT FREE!!! And as soon as you try to get more money People lose all respect for you and what you do. I don't like it. you basically giving people that have enough money the chance to see exclusive footage and sneak peeks and behind the scenes. I stopped watching people like Rebecca Zamolo and Ben Azelart just because of that. I really do like your channel but not if you guys are gonna turn into jerks that only want money. Please don't make one!

    16. Qwerty Doolittle

      I got confused now who is more girly and boyish between the two

      1. Vera Burmeister

        Roni is girlier that Nessa i think

    17. gaming martin pro call of duty

      I like you

    18. Anghraj Rampersad

      My cousin and i birthday is also in August

    19. moni

      it's been a long time since i've last watch you guys, thank you for growing with me and still staying true to yourselves. I don't know why i'm telling you guys this but i just want you to know that i am one of the million people you guys influenced and entertained my life before, God bless you guys and your loved ones!

    20. Randall Elliott


    21. Randall Elliott


    22. Randall Elliott


    23. Randall Elliott

      MY WIFE Colle

    24. Randall Elliott

      MY WIFE Colle

    25. h0n3ybunny

      they’re both irritating. roni is so lowkey jealous of nessa tho n rude asf to her. wonder how she acts off camera. seems like she’s always tryna claim how better she is than nessa without actually saying it she just tries to prove it. its pathetic. she always has something to say whenever nessa’s talking. shes so rude and disrespectful. nessa should start her own channel.

    26. dance squad

      You guys are my favorite youtubers ever

    27. Italiabells

      I'm 5'2 too! Lol

    28. hannah _renee

      11:30 is so powerful 💕

    29. kaviath Ravindran Satish

      Roni: we are very happy with what we have Also roni: BUT PLS SUBSCRIBE! me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Btw guys lysm 💜

    30. Elizabeth Stephens

      I just think its so inspiring that yall are able to be yourselves and still be successful!

    31. Katherine Sheddy

      Love you guys💕 you are so sweet

    32. Maddie Hailey

      “we are 23 turning 25 in august”

    33. Leora Kissoon

      Roni: all the British people gonna be mad..... gonna be like what is that, Both: that is tea powder Me: like milo powder but for Lipton? 🤨

    34. Something Preloved

      Roni 😍 the kind and sweet twin 🥰💖

    35. Baneen Al Hilfi

      Is nessa and her boyfriend still together

    36. Aslamiya Mohamed

      I would love to hear more about your experiences pitching series and working with awesomeness tv

    37. Fathima Beevi

      I subscribe like on the notifications

    38. Fathima Beevi

      You are the best

    39. Fathima Beevi

      I love your videos

    40. Bracha פלקר

      What about meeee😭

    41. PVT Gamer

      get ready with your 6M song Roni and Nessa😘😜🥰...

    42. Marina Mustafa

      I've been wondering if they are a Blink cause I saw them following blackpink official acc

    43. Estherlita Sunarto

      Now if i ever meet you i will think i will go up to you or not i fill so bad for you guys got mob

    44. Jace Face

      I’m taller than them and I’m 15?!? I’m 5’4” I feel so accomplished

    45. A&A Bff

      I want them to get 6 million because I want a 6 mil song!!

    46. Blueberry_Gacha _

      Day 7 of requesting you guys to do a positive and motivational podcast!!! I really love you guys and it would be great to have a "Gottagetit" kind of podcast!!!❤️✨

    47. 2 AGDollstudios

      “What is you favorite thing about each other”: one of you should have said “your sister” 😂 😂😂

    48. NJgamer



      me being taller than the merreltwins by a quarter inch.... my height: 5'2 and a quarter

    50. Quize Time

      KGup ,Please fix this video it has dislike button😱😱😱

    51. Sarah van Os

      Just because you are vaccinated and are less likely to get sick, you can still carry the virus and pass it on to unvaccinated loved ones so be careful. Vaccinated doesn't equal no masks

    52. Uroli Amukapemu

      Love your videos! Pls continue staying tru 2 ur selves

    53. Rania Roy

      I just realise they were in Jane the virgin!!

    54. Panka Kovács

      does noone remember Roni saying idk how much time ago that she would really like to get that tatto she saw on pinterest about 3 hormones which are in connection with this quote like never stop dreaming, laugh as much as you can and love hard or sg like that?

    55. seema chetri

      Oh my gosh my birthday is in 5th august!

    56. Nas Nas

      I liked how you said that you need god to survive..it’s really important so you should search for god and what does he want from you to save you..read about islam but do not be biased and compare Islam and christanity not by which one is easier..but which one sounds like the real path of god

    57. Joleen Smith

      I love watching your Videos they are Clean Family Fun.. I don't have to worry about Vulgar comments or Foul language.. You are Beautiful young woman Your Parents should be very Proud of you.. You are well Respected and I love your Content Please Never Change.. Take Care & God Bless You Roni & Nessa 🙏😍💖

    58. Emily Baslee

      Hey Merrell Twins, I Was Thinking When Are Doing Another Camping Challenge Again? Are you doing something good or excited? Love you

    59. Bahay Hashts

      What’s a Q&A?

    60. Landon Durbin

      you need to get ready for making a 6 Million SUBSCRIBERS video you are soooooo closeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    61. The Wonderful World of Saumya

      5.97 M YOU GUYS ARE GONNA MAKE IT!! We believe in you! I'm hoping when u hit it, there will be another song!

    62. W CIII

      I love the fact you put God first and God's Word into the video that's the real "T" or ✝️ 😇

    63. Tyrus


    64. I wanna fly on Justin seagull

      Lmao I remember watching them when I was 9 or10 something;)

    65. Preeti Kumar

      2:15 what was that lol and then Veronica's reaction

    66. Lah Tay

      I know this is completely irrelevant.but i just had the best apple 🍎

    67. Violet VonB

      1:45 Roni: I think over the years, you have really grown as a person... I mean we both have! Nessa: What I am literally the same height?!

    68. Pynshaikupar Nongrum

      Can you guys make a vid trying Indian snacks

    69. Ava Kinsley

      A1 stake sauce Was the offer! 🤣

    70. Tiger Girl

      You guys are amazing

    71. Karina Hernandez

      I had a dream where I was watching you guys so a live on tv and I had candy by the tv and then nessa came out of the tv to steal it and roni was yelling at her to get back

      1. Karina Hernandez


    72. Gina Elise Bee

      Awww Tiger 🥰🥰🥰

    73. indira widjaja


    74. HZK 219

      At 9:28 Nessa:(sets roni's hair)🤣😂 Roni:(thinks jessa's pulling her hair so she also pulls her hair) I cant believe my sister laughed at this cause she isnt the kind of person to laugh alot...

    75. HZK 219

      At 21:40 I just love how comedic they are🤣

    76. Yeisha Kenley

      FYI you still have to wear masks even if you’re vaccinated already it doesn’t mean that you’re vaccinated you can never get COVID it’s not like that because the vaccine will take effect for a few days first.

      1. FeastMyBrain

        Bruhh they are inside and they are family, you moron.

    77. The Creative Squad

      You're really lucky to have 5m+ subs, while I'm stuck at 150-165 😞

      1. The Creative Squad

        @FeastMyBrain true, but I try really hard...

      2. FeastMyBrain

        Well you have to make good content to get good subs. If you do that you will surely get some subs. It's not like you can get a million subs in a day man.

    78. Sister _Wolfies

      ‘Hey go buy the Merrel Twins merch’ ‘No’ I was dying 😂

    79. Hxney Builds

      am i the only one who was wondering what the sponsored product thing is?

    80. SiennaxJohnson

      For your next live you should make sopapia cheesecake

    81. Kaylinn Reid

      Five necessities for me would be God, my family, food, water and love.

    82. Mohammad Faiz

      I love it how you guys very appreciated for the things you have please reply!

    83. Hina Ali

      That hoodies look soft i want itt

    84. Lexyanywhere

      I know every word of that verse!!! 💕💜 love you guys!

    85. yuvs coups

      Vanessa christian best pair ever 🤩

    86. alisa Lucky

      The only KGupr i can trust ~❤️

    87. Gigi Mcquesten

      Why would you get vaccinated?, it’s not good for your body and their is a 99.9% chance of you being ok without getting the vaccine

      1. FeastMyBrain

        You are one of those idiots who believe 5G is bad and spreading those disgusting rumors. Vaccines rarely have a bad effects and better be safe than sorry.

    88. Cee

      you two are the besssssst

    89. kathleen Meehan

      One time at school I shouted out YOU ARE MY INTERNET CRUSH. and I got in trouble

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      What if you dont have insta

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      My birthday is also in August

    92. Blueberry_Gacha _

      Day 6 of requesting you guys to do a positive and motivational podcast!!! I really love you guys and it would be great to have a "Gottagetit" kind of podcast!!!❤️✨

    93. Eden Garmon

      How do you feel when people notice you

    94. miss grande-butera

      8:01 how she says *pRoDuCt*

    95. Susmitha Kshaji

      6 mill comin up!!!!!!!!!

    96. Sean Rubico

      Lord God I pray for Roni and Nessa and there family to be protected spiritually and physically and to remind them of your faithfulness and glory, in Jesus name I pray amen 🙏🏾.

    97. Jojo B

      There are Olsen twins? Idk why but I started to wonder if Elizabeth Olsen has a twin

    98. Flichtz


      1. Susmitha Kshaji


    99. jasmin

      after awhile of watching you guys it took me awhile to realize you’re the twins from jtv!!

    100. íɑʍFatiᴍa

      Do a Song On Tuesday