Our First Time Playing Nintendo PIKMIN 3 DELUXE - Merrell Twins


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    We played Pikmin 3 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch for the first time!
    Free eShop Demo Available Now! Start your adventure in the demo and carry your story progress into the full game!
    Get Pikmin 3 Deluxe - pikmin3.nintendo.com/buy-now/?cid=I2100-01:ch=oth
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    1. Noodlepikmin

      I am a pikmin. I love this series

    2. Walter Bojorquez

      I don’t like how most new pikmin players think that to save pikmin from night time they have to put them away but all you have to do is put them near the onion where the circle is that area is a safe zone

    3. Battleblock dude: the return

      I cant wait until they get to blue pikmin and truly experience pikmin genocide

    4. Connor Gilligan

      Those cute things can also get eaten little cute things get eaten by other creatures you might not work like the look of it

    5. Sergio Gonzalez

      I’m a boy and I like blue pigment

    6. Novalee Smith


    7. Chicken Biscuit

      This gives me hope for Pikmin 4...

    8. Alexander Cruz

      poelpe are getting eateg plz no

    9. Alexander Cruz

      roger they ate him kill it aveng him

    10. Ricky Price

      Love you guys

    11. Sebastian Wotring

      When is part 2 coming out

    12. Frenie Ball

      Make a part 2 please

    13. Charlie Garcia

      Defeated the boss two times

    14. Jonathan Estrada

      Play more

    15. charlie kwok

      So cute and cute and cute and funny too

    16. Ram Lian

      so much man

    17. Ram Lian

      i l o ve pikmin

    18. Chloe Wright

      i cracked up when they said " its a thing its a thing its athing "

    19. Jaxen Rodriguez

      10:34 the pikmin are headbutting that what it called

    20. zoz nada

      pls continue of this game ay love it

    21. Nathan Womack

      Still no episode 2.

    22. Rhian Carla Dela Cruz

      Me when they accidentally left a pikmin Poor pikmins!!!

    23. Hannah Al

      Do a part 2 pls

    24. Frenie Ball

      Please make part 2

    25. Lina Ibrahim

      Love ♡♡♡ ☆ ♡♡♡ Hi

    26. francisco Gines Sanchez Cano


    27. francisco Gines Sanchez Cano


    28. francisco Gines Sanchez Cano


    29. francisco Gines Sanchez Cano


    30. francisco Gines Sanchez Cano


    31. Rachel Ingram

      aaaaaaaah I love your outfits and trust me the do look like the characters. :). Also I begged my brother to get it so I had to explain it to him but I don't know what he is going to do. By the way MERRY CHRISTMAS (even though it is tomorrow lol) :)


      yay i SUBSCRIBE

    33. Assafuah betty


    34. Stupid rose boi UwU

      When I sub it atomic turns off notifications 🥺😭🥺😭🥺

    35. Only One

      Just like ItsFunneh, we never forget these voices and they never change.

    36. Kathleen Lindsley

      Pikmin are not cute they are cool killers

    37. Mallory Stanley

      11:12 Can we YEET it?

    38. SoloWatcher86

      For all the smelly fanboys who may have dumped on this game, it is all undone by these girls reaching 5 million subscribers. This is why Nintendo doesn’t listen to its fans.

    39. Mallory Stanley

      4:37. Probably the Pikmin didn’t want to get eaten

    40. Mallory Stanley

      Hard mode is not that harder except the day is shorter. But if you play ultra spicy mode, you get less juice and the day is super short.

    41. Lou

      Can't wait for the next vid of you guys playing pikmin 💕

    42. Jessica Lintern-Harris

      i cant wait intill they meet the winged pikmin if they ever make another pikmin video

    43. marina

      Roni : They are so cute im ganna die awwwwwwwwww so cute Nessa: WTH

    44. Giselle Sanchez

      Or you can make your own

    45. Giselle Sanchez

      Just wanted to let you know you can buy Pikmin stuffed animals cuz I know you guys really like them

    46. Zoe Barrantes

      Roni: but we don't look cute as they do, but we tried. Me: SHUT THE HECK UP YOU GUYS LOOK CUTE

    47. Kamal Kannan

      Hi guys I luv u guys sooooooooooooooooooo much I think I jus played among us with roni and the was the best match I had ever played cuz roni called me her biggest fan ever and it was awesome roni if u don’t remember I was the one named imPOOPster

    48. Kaleo Gallaher

      Leave a like if you are watching in 2020and think this is exactly like among us

    49. Tracy Cain

      You should make a series of you playing this game on your live channel.

    50. Kali Wong

      I love your vids. did you know I am a twin two!

    51. Kali Wong

      It is a giant centipede

    52. Maja Miko

      pleasee play this again

    53. thishmee sumethya


    54. Marshmellow Pinkie

      Not to be a spoiler but There’s also: Pink Pikmin: can fly Blue Pikmin : r invincible to water. Other Pikmin die in water besides pink Pikmin they can SOMTIMES fly over water. Yellow Pikmin: are invincible to electricity Red Pikmin: are invincible to fire And the Behemoth Vosbat ate the Capitan. U NEED THE PIKMIN BACK IN THE ONION BEFORE DAWN OR ELSE THEY WILL DIE! MONSTERS CAN EAT PIKMIN! MY DAD 1 TIME LOST 300 PIKMIN IN A FIGHT WITH A MONSTER BOSS BATTLE!

    55. Beena Shaji

      The pikmins are so cute pls read my comment love you guys 😘😘

    56. Kamilla's Wonderland


    57. Emely Ramirez

      Roni and Vanessa are so cute

    58. sadcat vibe

      its an avakado......Thanks

    59. Esther Pippy

      Make pt 2

    60. Malia Purcell

      Pikmins are ledgit green onions 😏

    61. Alycia Bustos


    62. Xitlali Estrella

      My brother had this game but he was scared of loosing picman

    63. IAmBunneh

      Merrel twinns:Awwwww a rock pikmin how cute😊

    64. IAmBunneh

      Merrel twinns:Awwwww a rock pikmin how cute😊

    65. IAmBunneh

      Comfy life BrUh

    66. IAmBunneh

      IM eating nuttella sandwiches and water -~-

    67. Szymon Chrzanowski

      The thing is, it's better to not get attached to the Pikmin. When I was playing Pikmin 3, there were these bombs and I accidentally lost all my rock and yellow Pikmin.

    68. ari pop

      vanessa: omg im going to the dance with ian somerhalder ronni: yeah and i am getting ugly vanessa : aw dont say That its not true ronni: oh wait so we are not saying things that is never gonna happen< my bad kim kardashian runs to vanessa and kills her ronni: (goes on knees dramatically screaming) noooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!! oh and can i have selfie kim k slaps herself silly and disappears in thin air ronni: (dramatically looks scared)says -the end is near... and she runs HOPE YOU GUYS FOUND THIS FUNNY AND WEIRD AND IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO IAN IS, I FEEL REAAAALLLYY BAD FOR YOU BYE !

    69. Kelen1420

      It's so adorable how they bang there head on the wall!😂

    70. Anna Forever

      Hahaha ay dios mío

    71. Selena Hoang

      i can be a triplet, i’ll be the blue pikmin

    72. Deanna

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    73. Emily Hernandez

      Dude those pimpkins are so cute I felt it when they left some pimpkin

    74. Nia Johnson

      Come here plz

    75. Nia Johnson


    76. Nia Johnson


    77. Roblox Girl

      i still cant believe they are 23

    78. Queen Min

      The game: Water is lethal to pikmin Nessa: how about a swim?

    79. ΣτέλλαΜαρία Δ

      ketchup and mustard

    80. Shanta Bhanderi

      U dresser like among us in real life

    81. flapkack

      I'm in Iowa. It is snowing

    82. Nathan Pemberton

      hi my name is alexis. what would you do if your boyfriend is walking out into the main area holding hands with another girl? you are grate and kind . natale you are my favorite. tell crisis knight that he is okay.

    83. Carlos Jasso


    84. Ernest Peralta

      You both look cyoot

    85. Carolina

      I miss playing this on the GameCube 🥺

    86. Romana Islam

      234 dislikes yikes

    87. Romana Islam

      What is this

    88. Beautiful Plants 320


    89. Francis Otero

      Where are more Pikmin 3 videos

    90. LimitedMoon

      Me: *i need this. i want this. i love this*

    91. Benjimn Beckstead

      Ur both cuter.

    92. Pradeep Kumar Panda

      Roni is looking more pretty

    93. Joji U. Cabatic

      Can you prank each other

    94. The Nintendo Player

      You sold me on this game

    95. stephanie

      More Merrell twins exposed and IRL please! I can't with the video games- I want to be in to it, but 💤

    96. Bobbi Taunton

      Love this! Reminds me of Lemmings 😄

    97. Mae Cuizon

      Me and my sister are twins like you guys but were 9

    98. Lielani Caluya

      Make more

    99. Reese Ani

      PART 2 PLEASEEEE😖❤️🤩✨

    100. Vasantha Kumari

      When I see your videos I am happy 😃