2020 Then vs Now - DATING, BIRTHDAY, SCHOOL - Merrell Twins


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    This is how the beginning of 2020 started vs how it’s going...
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    1. merrelltwins

      We know this has been a tough year and wanted to bring a smile to people’s faces with this video. Although this video is to be lighthearted, this pandemic has been so challenging and we are praying for those who have been affected in any way. Our channel is a place to escape from life for a moment but this pandemic is something we’ve all been going through and we can all relate. Please keep being smart and safe. Wear your masks! Wash your hands! Love you all!💜💖 -roni and nessa

      1. Addison Plays around

        @Wendy Seidel oh yea

      2. Wendy Seidel

        My grandpa was exposed to someone how had COVID but he is okay I hope u two r doing well

      3. princess majaha

        😀💝💝💞💟👍💕💖 Roni and nessa

      4. Addison Plays around

        Awwww tysm *thank u so much*

      5. Hind Alshamsi

        I love you ❤️ Merrilltwins

    2. Leylia Reane

      Them: disinfect ball and then throw to each other Me: did you know that does this wonderful thing called gloves can protect your hands from germs when you touch something. And in your case ball

    3. Roberto Romero

      these are very true

    4. EmilyLB2012


    5. Kelmy Pineda

      It’s was funny when they cleaned the ball but cloud they have just use gloves

    6. Eva Loskoska-Postolov


    7. Soli sandoval


    8. Allen Langhorne

      you are the best i love you

    9. Neeraja Srinivasan

      3:25 Roni Looks so determined

    10. Peace In

      Tiger is so cute

    11. Queen Of Youtube

      The VVM stands for Vanessa Veronica Merrell

    12. Zoe flower

      I Love that they use tiger for the tiger exhibite

    13. Jessica Harab

      twins I'm your biggest fan by the way this is Jessica Marie hrab

    14. Jessica Harab


    15. Jessica Harab


    16. bryant nguyen

      Guess how much times they said wow like who says wow that much

    17. Farnaz Hoque

      You guys are sooo funny 😂😂😂

    18. Isaac Agustin

      I didn't know I can get a cardboard cutout of myself for class 👀

    19. noor. s

      Did I trick you??

    20. Murad MonK

      On 15:48,why dont you guys use gloves

      1. Murad MonK


    21. Divine CoD Intervention

      What made me click was the Lil trip to McDs for heart healthy tee I’m still sipping P.S. couldn’t forget the fries!... I don’t really use these but for what it’s worth ❣️

    22. Lizzy M

      Wait a second how do they know all this stuff what if they have cameras on us 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 btw love you girls you always make my day better ❤️❤️❤️

    23. GãçhãGïrl

      I want to meet your guys's mom

    24. Tyla the tiny toucan

      It’s the opposite for me. Where I live didn’t go into lockdown and we still had school, but good video ❤️

    25. MA - 01BS 952864 Whaley's Corners PS


    26. Lolo toys Extreme

      This actually happens to me and it’s true

    27. Luna Hunter

      my favorite part was the then zoo

    28. True Channel

      This is like reality vs. expectation and being dramatic 😂

    29. Sara Stafford

      What ever you did with the gloves and everything hopefully you don’t do it know because that is so stupid

    30. Mevalyn Chai Xiao Yu

      I’ve been watching the merrelltwins for 3 years


      if you want to see the best wild animals just go to kenya

    32. Chloe Hovden

      I don't think I have ever woken up and said " TIME TO GET THE DAY STARTED😁🌈"

    33. Zz Carpenter

      That cake looks so delicious

    34. Eva Wong

      Nessa: it will look so realistic Me: yeah only if we didn’t know lol 😂

    35. Sparkle Cupcake Vlogs

      it is more like expectations versus reality

    36. Proud Panda13

      9:37 I know Nessa is trying so hard to laugh LOL

    37. jessicalynn.v

      that intro was so awkward but so funny😂

    38. Arianne Segovia Schippers

      Work out

    39. Eleanor Parreno

      Oh wait the communication part too!!! 💜💜

    40. Eleanor Parreno

      Volleyball!!! 💜💜💜

    41. Taylor Sandiford

      When it came to the zoo that got lol

    42. Emma Nunn

      I'm such a fan 😁

    43. Emma Nunn

      I hate 2020

    44. Emma Nunn

      I hat 2020

    45. I don’t know what to put for my name ?

      No one Me getting tired watching het get up the stairs 😭😂😂

    46. Jay Rodriguez

      In the birthday sence us nessa birthday but i thought roni and nessa are twins so they should have said its our birthday! Kinda werid

    47. Elizabeth Knappenberger

      *board* 2+2=??? Roni: "Alright class, does anybody know the answer?" Nessa: "E=Mcs." Me: "Wha...?"

    48. Prajit M

      14:32,moral twins alikeness=stupidity

    49. Varshini Amrutha Vura

      when they showed tiger exhibit i was like its going to be their dog tiger for sure

    50. Ari H

      This video is very relatable 😂

    51. The Wanted Granny

      Not gonna lie, the cardboard cutout isn’t a bad idea when I’m in class....

    52. Shreya Srivastava

      Yaaaaaaaaaaayy!!! Roni and Aaron r finally going out!! Like if ur happy for them.

    53. Farihah Dean

      I lost it at playing sport part HAHAHHHAAHAHAH

    54. ooolala

      if you here closly then you can here roni and nessa laughing when nessa gets out of her bed in the macdonalds swetshirt

    55. Kaeleigh

      The "Making the dinner" then was so sarcastic and so funny at the same time. I could hear it in Vanessa's and Veronica's voice that is was fake lol😆😊👍

    56. Bri- GELL

      Guys are amazing you guys are amazing I’m a big pain if you want me to try Aaron crab by big

    57. Bri- GELL

      Guys are 😉

    58. Bri- GELL

      I’m a big bang

    59. Megan Swistak

      15:00 Why didn't they just play soccer.....

    60. Emily Hernandez

      I have a toothache


      You guys are the best KGup ever

    62. whitneyell

      They are sisters and they disinfected the same ball🏐

    63. Emma Hervey

      One of the kangaroo's was in the lion's position 6:38 6:44

    64. Emma Hervey

      The working out then vs now 😂😂

    65. Tracy Sanchez

      the walking up the stairs one is so funny i have 16 steps and im so tired after LOLL!!

    66. Pinkie Pie

      They are twins so when it was Vanessas birthday shouldnt it have been Veronicas as well??

    67. Emily & Lucy Liyev

      That's so me! LOL! Stupid quarantine (*laugh face emoji)

    68. JODI NG Student

      yall should just wear gloves for the last one!! just saying

    69. Anzel Ibrahim

      when they put the wip on the floror

    70. Brooke Moreno

      Roni you made this video 😂❤️

    71. Ryann Sweany

      Omg for some reason their dad is my fav lol

    72. Jameelah Abdoolla

      I love how it was only nessa's birthday LOL

    73. Space man


    74. Xox_evie _xoX

      what zoo do you go to were they actually PET the tiger????? i need to go

    75. Brianna (Bri) Canizal

      It's funny when Roni said you are frozen my phone froze too.

    76. Ochako Uraraka

      Vanessas and Veronica s birth days is the same day?.? Why just celebrate Vanessas birthday?

    77. Narjis Albasri

      But this is family

    78. Odst soldier

      8:49 wth was nessa doing

    79. Callie Kruse

      The amount of times they say "wow" 😂

    80. Emma Dziamalek

      How can they not touch the same ball when they breathe the same air in the same house and live in the same home because they are sisters-

    81. Rasik Bhalsod

      i have the same mirror as nessa in the first one! 𝚢𝚊𝚢𝚢 𝔀𝓸𝓸𝓱𝓸𝓸 ᗰT ᗩᖇᗴ Ⓜ︎Ⓨ︎ 🇫 🇦 🇻 🇮 🇷 🇴 🇹 🇪

    82. Suhanah Fnu

      I love you to gise

    83. The Digging Dutchman

      I have the same mask as Vanessa

    84. Joshua Brown

      When you guys were run away from the crocodile at the zoo was the best of this video🐊🤣

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      Can we see your mother 👩

    86. Carlie Schulz

      Actually it’s 2+2=4

    87. Jenna Shepardson

      I love how they are acting out the movie when the TV IS RIGHT THERE!!!

    88. Hazel Mae Ajedo

      please bring back the merrell twins logo at the end of the video🥺

    89. c h x l l s

      Well it was around like 14:58 or 14:59

    90. c h x l l s

      Roni throw at 15:00

    91. Simply Salma #StopAnimalTesting

      Is no one gonna talk about the McDonald’s shirt nessa was wearing Btw looks very cute nessa :)

    92. ʙᴇᴀɴs

      I done secret Santa with my friends and all my other friends got chocolate , led lights and cool presents and then my secret Santa was my friend and she got me hand sanitizer 😩✋

    93. Yenci Villatoropacheco

      They make our lives look so depressing...they goooodddd😫

    94. veerpal kaur

      The stairs one is the most reallyist but I do it all the time

    95. Bubby1 plus Bubby2

      Veronica’s voice when singing and Vanessa’s was fire🔥

    96. Nathan Mizuyabu

      I thought they were twins

    97. PhlegraeanBoi

      13:55 just wear gloves

    98. Nendee Tjaondjo

      Why do you sound like you are do not want to do this videos or you are not in the mood

    99. julie nguyen

      It funny on vannasa birthday when roni came in Everyone was still dancing while Vanessa blows the candles out

    100. Xxi Wolfie Playz Dat ixX

      The part about the workout I honestly just run up the stairs as fast as I can