Roasting Ourselves Watching Our Old Videos - Merrell Twins


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    We reacted to a few of our old videos and well... let’s just say we are embarrassed!!!
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    We’re identical twin sisters who have been consistently making videos since 2013. We post videos showcasing our range in both comedy and music such as original comedy sketches, original scripted series, original songs, original music videos, gaming videos, weekly live streams, weekly gaming livestreams, twin swaps, twin sister vs twin sister, popular song parodies, popular song covers, original funny songs, 24 hour challenges, popular challenges, popular trends, lifestyle, fashion, and much more!

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    1. Lakenya Blanchard

      Merrell twins roost

    2. Eva Loskoska-Postolov

      why does Roni all most in every single video go like blah

    3. Mama Anonymous

      When I was watching this I was eating a hamburger

    4. Amber Brown

      Your dad cannot act.

    5. Shalini Devi

      I love your hair soooooooooooooooooooo much love u guys a lot my best youtuber in the world

    6. 12722-Jury Ahmed Abdelmeguid Abdeltawab Metwally

      New grape nessa and sleeping with grape nessa since you woke up in grape nessas bed 😰🤦‍♀️

    7. 12722-Jury Ahmed Abdelmeguid Abdeltawab Metwally

      Intro roni looks at nessa but nessa doesn’t know then roni looks away then nessa looks at her then look at each other then awkwardly silenced and continue talking then roni smiles with white clean teeth 🦷 then nessa just keeps on smiling with cute dimples 😹

    8. Emma DeRobbio

      Bet you every single one of us goes back and watches these when there are no new vids

    9. Lya Langdon

      Whos been watching since these videos?

    10. Anakin Skywalker

      I was thinking of somethin when Roni said roast us. I couldn't cause you guys are perfect!

    11. Hannah Allison


    12. fifi

      yea crap is not a bad word at ALL

    13. Lauren_charlotte

      I think the best video is bad hair day

    14. Chantal Pelayo

      This could be you was the first video

    15. Caligula Ceasar

      9:14 Nessa: Why do people keep telling us our videos are good. Me: Because they are and they distract us from things we might be struggling with!😅😅😄

    16. Godzilla Fortnite

      There’s no one literally not gonna talk about Venessa is cute sneeze at 7:59 So cute like if cute 💕

    17. Sami Rafaqat

      Only true merrel twins fan have seen old videos ongoing🤟🏻👌🏻❤

    18. EllieBelly

      This is Veronica Veronica and her sister Veronica keeps pausing the video and annoys people And when Veronica keeps pausing the video and everyone gets annoyed, everyone starts writing hate comments. When everyone starts writing hate comments, Veronica and Vanessa read them. And when Veronica and Vanessa read the hate comments, Vanessa laughs. And when Vanessa laughs, Veronica gets sad. And when Veronica gets sad, she runs away from home. When she ran away from home, she got lost. And when she got lost, she realized that she did not pack. And when she did not pack, she fainted. And when she fainted, a bear came to rescue her. And when a bear saved her, they were best friends. And when they become best friends, the teddy bear helps her get back home. And when the teddy bear helps her get home, Vanessa gets jealous that she does not have a teddy bear as a friend. And when Vanessa gets jealous that she doesn’t have a bear for a friend, she locks Veronica out of the house. And when Vanessa locks her out of the house, the teddy bear gets mad. When the teddy bear got mad, he kidnapped Veronica. DON’T GET KIDNAPPED BY A TEDDY BEAR, JUST DONT PAUSE THE VIDEO!!

      1. EllieBelly

        *veronica and her sister are reacting to old videos for KGup.*

    19. Aiela Karaiyara

      I go through your videos too and the oldest video is 11 years ago CONGRATS!!

    20. Angel Kid

      Omg I’ve even watched these old videos that u reacted lol

    21. Lara ISMAIL

      No one Really no one: Vanessa: FOOD BABY

    22. MacKenzie Annis

      Hi Vanessa and Veronica

    23. Berry Queen Roblox

      Who else can tell them apart even without their dimples 👇🏻

    24. no topic

      sorry i laughed at EVERY one um yea....

    25. Sister Scenes

      this is funny

    26. Koresh Miranda

      I can relate to almost everything lol

    27. Ally Kelly

      Nessa looked grape

    28. sydney

      they say 2020 was good but covid happened hahahahahah ly

    29. RawRih exe


    30. Maryam Saley

      The Merrell twins are really funny and cute I love them I watch them every day 😄😄

    31. Emily Pepper

      youtube stars!!

    32. Hannia Orozco

      IM 7 AND I CAN SAY CRAP but some times

    33. miraculous ladybug biggest fan

      Please part 2

    34. Laurie Kinsella

      I always say crap

    35. Laurie Kinsella

      I'd sub but i already am! HAHAHAHA

    36. Audri Danae Buenaventura

      Im a fan since 2017 and at that time i dont even have my own phone i just borrow my mom's phone thats why when i got my own phonw in 2018 merrell twins is The first one i subscrived too also can you guys do more merrell twins expose? And this could be you lmaoo those are my 2 mosttt favs😂😂😂😂 I miss luap llerrem and james and their assistants helen and the currly haired londe girl i forgot the name lol

    37. Deema Alnasser

      Ñ enyah

    38. Nataliel Reyes

      I love your videos

    39. Hi it’s Raine

      Roni is looking for her Doritos and she found it on nessa’s hand *and she was shook*

    40. Chloe Tieu

      I don't love how you guys roasted your own dog Tiger o_o

    41. Riyan Bourne

      This was posted on my Bday that made me so happy love y’all💕

    42. Alanood Aljowder

      I love (its valentine day)

    43. elora leigh´엘로라 리♡

      Their journey is no joke at all so think twice before hating them!:)

    44. iiSnuggleii

      You should remake some of these! XD

    45. Chloe Caliwan

      You may think it's embarrassing but, 😭it was my whole childhood 😭😭

    46. Alex Cannizzaro

      haley nick say loves bts bts merch all them ...

    47. Faiz Khalifa

      All of those videos were silly, but funny BOOM Roasted

    48. Faiz Khalifa

      *gags* "RONI STAHHP" 😂😂🤣

    49. Faiz Khalifa

      Alternate title: Big sister makes fun of little sister, their dog and herself

    50. Adriana_ M.

      Nessa you look GRAPE I'm not funny

    51. adorbs roziie

      they’ve been doing youtube for almost 8 years but they still can’t get their intro right 😂😂💕

    52. Michael BA

      I still remember about this could be you

    53. Laura Nieberg

      Hi Merrell Twins, i am such a big fan, and it even made me feel sick when Nessa was sick in one of your first videos!! Tiger is the cutest dog i have ever seen and i wish i could just hug him all day! I live in Essex which is sad because i wish i could meet you. My favourite music video in the world is your cover of Senorita. Once my class went quiet but i didn't realise, so my teacher and my class mates were just listening to me singing terribly to that song. I feel like Roni and Aaron are meant to be! This is random but on Among Us i am brown with a toilet paper on my head.I am 9 on the 14 March and i can't wait! I am so grateful to your Dad for editing the videos so i can watch them!! I wish i can get your merch but my mum says it might be too expensive. Sad face.I love watching Merrell Twins Exposed , my favourite character is Carol she is so funny. You guys make my day amazing when i am feeling sad you cheer me up! You are so beautiful and i am such a huge fan, i can't tell you how much of a fan i am. Love from Tabitha!!!!!!!!!!!!

    54. Sophia Jhugroo

      Omg! I’m dying, I was laughing soo hard!😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is a funniest video ever!😂😂😂😂💞💞

    55. dccb apcob

      i think your hair is great roni

    56. Jennifer Matthew

      You guys are so areas I watch all your videos I am your biggest fan

    57. Jordan Bodger

      The Bad Hair Day video was my favorite

    58. Jxzzy _Playz

      Both of you remind me of my twin cousins

    59. Adrienne Perez


    60. Devon Camps

      I have been watching u guys for 5 years xxx ily

    61. Polock Uddin

      Poor tiyer

    62. L1ttl3R4y


    63. Emily O'Grady

      Your videos are fabulous

    64. Emily O'Grady

      Love 💕 you guys

    65. Maradona Super King

      The fancy gear inevitably dry because trombone fortuitously whine about a fragile epoxy. useless, cagey onion

    66. Mae Tyree

      “Remy, Ratatouille

      1. Mae Tyree

    67. Lily Sellie

      She looks grape🍇!!!lol I'm sorry

    68. Lenny xox

      Only true merrelltwins fans remember internet crush and expectations vs reality

    69. Bella Army

      You two are soo beautiful

    70. Luciana D.

      Crap is not a bad word it says it in the kids Dictionary

    71. Amani Alam

      why is it poor Tiger

    72. Makennah Wilson

      POOR TIGER!!!!!! roni that was so mean! but nessa i am so happy u aren't mean to tiger! but I still love you GUYS!

    73. Itz_Melodygaming 11

      They had a HUGE glowup!! Like if you agree :)

    74. Steven Baistow

      Hi love your chanull and love yous

    75. Sharon Dineen


    76. aesthetics with liv

      Omg u guys have been doing you tube for 11 years and I remember the first video

    77. Scrap

      I remember the punny life series 😂

    78. Angela Frazer

      Nessa: why do you people keep saying our videos are good? Me: because they are.

    79. Sara Qais

      I was 2 years old in 2014

    80. Hana Kheder

      PART 2 PART 2 PART 2, This is just TOOOO funny 😭

    81. AyanAylin Alis

      I didint need to see this video

    82. Inês is a cupcake

      Roni(4:35)"You look great" My brain *you look grape*

    83. Yanis Lisna Widiawati

      I laughed when fails that waking up in a wrong bed then Roni wakes up then Nessa is a sleep

      1. Yanis Lisna Widiawati


    84. Suzanne Teeter

      They like re re re raditui

    85. caelyn27

      The video confirms that the worst critic a person could have is their self.

    86. Jaya Dhillon

      Roni looks like Charli

    87. Annie Rankine

      Can you please do a part 2?

    88. allyza colina

      yeaaah i'm hereeee

    89. Thecray cray Girlintown

      Like an EnYeEEE

    90. Liah Middaugh

      Nessa: I don’t wanna watch it Also Nessa: continues to watch it

    91. Kk 333


    92. Kyla M

      I can’t believe I’ve been here before the “One Million” song video 😳 I hope they finally noticeme 😢 Only people that has been following them since 2016 can like 👇🏻❤️

    93. oscar granados

      its the gaging for me

    94. Rayshawn Peterson

      I cant belive they got tiger lol also love your dog

    95. EmeraldAnnabelle

      Who remembers when those “old videos” were the newest and trending

    96. Angel Noriega

      I all so do what roni does when she is gross out

    97. Beasty Erah

      Bless you Vanessa 7:58

    98. Squishy Milk

      nessa ur outfit is everything

    99. Julie D Swenson

      okay, I'm sorry but you look like Bella Swan from twilight when she's pregnant in the food baby.