HUGE Twins Swap Gift Exchange - Merrell Twins


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    Need ideas shop here
    We had so much fun making this video (SAFELY) surprising some very special friends, family members and each other with early holiday gifts from Nordstrom! Thank you so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this video and inspiring us to bring the #MakeMerry spirit in our home!
    Nordstrom has a range of gifts in pricing and ideas for all your friends and family. They offer easy and safe curbside pickup with free beautiful gift wrapping.
    Comment below with any tips you need for gift ideas this holiday.

    This video was made safely, Please wear a mask!
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    1. merrelltwins

      Shop some of our favorite items from Nordstrom: Zella Plush Sweat Pants Set - Rose Quartz Facial Workout Set - Cloud Oversized Blanket Food52 Bowl Set - Vegan Cross Body Bag we bought for Emily - MAC Frosted Eyeshadow Set - UGG Slippers - UGG Boots we bought for Corinna - - Bose Speaker -

      1. Audri Danae Buenaventura

        OMG!!! Itssss my first time seeing their mom!!!! And also you guys sound like ur mommm!!!!

      2. Nolan Wiersma

        Ask you if I

      3. Kash Onyx

        Dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Insta Portal account hacker if you wanna try it yourself

      4. Eugenia


      5. Amilah_09

        Thanks for the links

    2. Connie Watt

      I am a kid and my mom has that same robe that is Tiger themed

    3. Maria Yupe

      I thought we would never see your mom ever and know we did wow she look amazing and nice

    4. SM - 05GS 821191 Dunrankin Drive PS

      18:40 rip coffee mug

    5. Jordyn Kibe

      I've never seen anything as precious as their mom🥺

    6. Jose Rodriguez

      I wonder how much money they spent😏🤔

    7. Jose Rodriguez

      Wendy's voice sounds sooo sweet like a little kid that is soo nice and sweet. That sounds like a nice mom to have.😍😁

    8. Jose Rodriguez

      I love how Emily's mom reacts lol

    9. Eva Loskoska-Postolov

      who's taller Nessa or Roni

    10. Nirvana Jangid

      This is the first time I have ever seen their

      1. Nirvana Jangid


    11. Ana

      I just realised that their mom sounds looks like Bambam (GOT7)'s mom

    12. Emily Luo

      Merrel Twins: OMG OMG THANKS. SHUT UPPPP EEEK Me: Watching them in my bed a-l-o-n-e

    13. Dew Dew ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      the fact that she doesn't look at roni and only faces nessa is funny (2:03)

    14. Lupe

      LOVE this! Thoughtful with the cutting board! Mexican moms don’t mind using none actually! Funny thing but Very true.

    15. Mikahya M

      7:28 ,😯 I finally got to see their mom.

    16. Khamyaa Sushil


    17. Blue Diamond

      Ur moms voice is sooooo sweet

    18. Lee Sass

      how did they get Wendy on camera!?

      1. Ana

        She walked to the place where they were filming

    19. Ella

      THERE ARE BOWLS ..... ... .... FOR DA SOUP!!!!!!!!!!11

    20. Amsyar

      Nobody talking about tiger in the thumnail

    21. Nicolas Perpitch

      Nessa: oooohhhhhh a hoody.

    22. Avocado Anonymous

      You guys should interchange the matching sets so one wears black and white and the other wears white and black for the look

    23. Nixon Salunga

      We saw the mom or at lest me for the first time

    24. Cherry pandas Gaming

      You guys dont even look like twins anymore to me

    25. Freestyle Anwesha

      Can we just count how many times Nessa said "I have been wanting that" or "I needed those"

    26. Akanksha

      i dont why im writing this but seeing this im kinda jealous but ik thats not right, like im happy for them coz theyve worked hard for it but just seeing their family it makes me kinda sad because i have family issues and i barely get any gifts so i'd be sooo happy with just one on my bday but i dont even get that so i hope when i grow up i become successful enough to buy giifts for myself :)

    27. Gum gum

      my mom works at nordstrom

    28. ocean Brown

      * their friend getting plain white bowls* her: tHeRe sO CuTe

    29. Christine Española

      Omg I literally posted a comment saying "mama merrell!!" Then I scrolled and saw my comment 4 months ago saying "mama merrelll!!" 👁👄👁

    30. Afrah Aisha

      First time mom

    31. Wildin Lara

      The hideous high cherry maternally check because truck molecularly force outside a resonant plot. literate, marvelous euphonium

    32. Ananya Agrawal

      I want all of them ! Love the white robe the most! 😍

    33. Athizaam Kader

      You guys are awesome you're always make very funny videos so we can watch we love yourz dog tiger

    34. Athizaam Kader

      We love you guys so much and we hope you all have a merry Christmas to all the years 💕

    35. Bwhitt W

      Why do they call each other ronni?

    36. Vasiliki Ntourou

      OMG guys your mom is soooooooooooooooo sweet ✋🏼💖💖💖💖🤩🤗😊😊😊

    37. Noah gamerpro

      Wait is it him in spy ninja that melvin's friend

    38. Lily Gilday

      First time seeing their mom

    39. Ellie Kim 72

      2021? Anyone??

    40. Morgan Law

      I like how Roni opened every gift with the person that got them.

    41. Loreto Bermejo

      I feel like roni is obssesed with the coffe toy

    42. Loreto Bermejo

      How the coffe mug toy is sitting on their laps

    43. Loreto Bermejo

      Roni's face so exited when nessa opens the gifts🤩😂

    44. kaviath Ravindran Satish

      Well ur mom looks nd sounds exactly like u... Love u both ❤❤❤💜

    45. Stephen Sotelo

      Who else thinks that from the video "crazy things parents do. Nessa's mom character and Roni's dad character should be part of the Merrell Twins Exposed Canon. They can be the "real parents" of the twins....LOLZ

    46. Keira Clarke

      Your mom is so beautiful just like you guys

    47. Syd Gross

      Omg your mom is so freaking pretty

    48. Elisha Austria

      10:46 mom is so cutee!😭🥺💗

    49. Sachithra Weerasinghe

      wendy your so cute just like your twins

    50. Tigerboy777

      I love that your mom is in the video Love you mom

    51. R K Jasnavi

      What in the world it thier mom!!!!!

    52. R K Jasnavi

      What in the world it thier mom!!!!!

    53. Audri Danae Buenaventura

      OMG!!! Itssss my first time seeing their mom!!!! And also you guys sound like ur mommm!!!!

    54. Swara Joshi

      I have never seen your mom and she is soooooooooooo pretty

    55. Chris the Jag

      Why did you lie? You said HUGE twins.. i only see regular sized twins 🤣

    56. sanita

      they look genuinely happy wit life 🥺

    57. Arleneyudj Lamiganbdjw

      vanessa hi

    58. Darlyn Skye Igloso

      can you guys show mama merrell when you hit 6m?

    59. Lena Fields

      why did I cry when nessa reacted to the shoes I am so obsessed with them

    60. • Simply Crystie •

      Their Mom Is So Pretty! :o

    61. Deema Alnasser

      “Oh how cute!” So pure ✨✨✨

    62. Moksha Mridini S A

      11:20 oh we are giving gifts to each other this year?

    63. Elba Riera

      No paper was harmed during this video 😆

    64. Rishika Singh

      The Merrell Twins are so rude. To everyone who supports them, you're stupid and can't see how shallow and manipulative they are. They use people for clout and are SO ungrateful! There are plenty of people that are SO much more deserving of the money, fame and attention. They literally pay people thousands of dollars to film their videos. They act nice while in reality, they kicked their parents out of the house that their parents worked so hard to buy. The Merrell Twins literally do 1% of the work and are so rude to their staff aka. managers/editors. I'm not a hater, just a person who can see the truth for what it really is.

    65. Nicole

      Your mom is so cute omg😭

    66. Tʜᴇ ɴᴀᴍᴇ’s ᴇʟ

      THEIR MOM! She’s so nice

    67. Yvone Marie Coronel

      Bruhhh all I heard was “no way!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you guys are cute

    68. Zuza Z

      Roni just like mom Wendy and Nessa just like dad Paul.

    69. SM - 05GS 821191 Dunrankin Drive PS

      I feel like all moms like red my mom likes red❤️ everyone comment I love dad and mom

    70. Hannah Jyothula

      Now I wanna go for a shopping 😅

    71. Vanessa Obeid

      Did anyone notice tiger peaking behind Nessa's head in the thumbnail??!

    72. Allison Maloney

      Does anyone else think Aaron sounds like Paul

    73. Angie Hernandez

      The mini coffee mug be like: can u stop talking baby to me?😑

    74. Wildin Lara

      The striped march conservatively settle because maid reilly burn upon a lying sentence. aberrant, precious road

    75. Skye Davis

      You are so awesome 👌

    76. Hannah Abe

      9:54 Paul casually holding out the soap so Nessa can smell it was so cute 😂😂

    77. BUENO Bueno

      IM SMILING 20MINUTES STRAIGHTT😂 and now my face hurts💖 I love them so much

    78. Yolanna Dixon

      Roni: I feel like a little kid. Everyone: 😐 really?

    79. Elle Tonini

      The girls sound like their mom!

    80. Lorin Dumlu

      I Love you guys

    81. Anushka Sharma

      They three have the same reaction which is so cute 11:01 Also the like and dislike ratio on this vid is amazing

    82. Draco.Malfoy

      Bro I am dead from "MA ITS BOWLS FOR THE SOUP and also when she said "IT'S A CUTTING BOARD FOR YOU CAN MAKE ME SOUP!😂😂😂😂😂😂

    83. Fatima Albayati

      Hello Merrel twins. when I saw ur mom I was just omg she so cute and pretty and her voice is really cute and I really want that she is in more vids btw Luv ur fan❤❤❤

    84. Sunny Yee

      Awwwwee! You guys are so happy giving gifts to others and each other! It’s so cute and I love you guys so so much! I had a fanpage of you on tiktok, but my mom deleted my social media’s 🥲

    85. Ilove harrypotter

      Their mum is so cute

    86. Sylvia Wu

      10:57 🤣🤣🤣

    87. Paul Butler

      can we just take a moment to appreciate how they included their mom in the video their mom is so pretty just like the twins, they also all have such sweet voices :D

    88. Xo _ chrislove

      The fact that they got all this for free

    89. Tariq Rasool


    90. Oliva Limpangog

      This is how many times they gassp* ⬇️

    91. Vannesa Ramirez


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      Fan Fernanda is

    93. Gigi Rodriguez

      you guys sound exactly like your mom! but you have like a little bit of a mix with paul!

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      WOAH I've never seen their mum before!!! She look so young!! She's so pretty!!!!!

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      Their mom is like their older sis

    96. Amilah_09

      OMG Mama Merrell ! I’ve never seen her before she is so awesome

    97. Charlie Gamez

      Nessa you know when you put those high heels on if they where blue You would’ve looked like Dorothy from the wizard of Oz Because you had white socks on

    98. Maheen Zara

      Today i saw ur mom sjes so cute❤😘

    99. Maheen Zara

      Thumbs up❤❤😘

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      Can I just say ur mom is so pretty