Guys Buy Our Outfits! Makeover Challenge! - Merrell Twins


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    Alex and Aaron gave us makeovers... who do you think did the best?
    Make Over Challenge
    Merrell Twins Exposed ep1
    2 Sets of Twins Drive Thru Prank
    Fans Write our Video
    The Break Up
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    1. Luna Ruby

      I love it they did good



    3. Haley Wilkum

      nessa: no don't take of the tag Alex: WHATS WRONG with the HATTTT

    4. Glorious

      they need to do a makeover challenge all together!!!!

    5. Megan Hawtin

      Why do I wish that Nessa and Alex were the ones that got together! 😩😩😍

    6. İla Ber

      Ronnie is the definition of lesbian in this look

    7. Aztaroth

      They're both good looks though, by every standard. The first look is better imo, its a very mature attractive look.

    8. Eva Loskoska-Postolov

      That my nightmare

    9. zeena Bikawi

      Guys can you please respect Roni and Aaron!? I know ya'll are hype and believe that RonRon is real and I do too but we have to respect both of them. Besides, even if they were actually dating, I respect Roni and l respect it if she doesn't want to reveal the news nor if Aaron doesn't want. I mean she has a point, even if we are not a bad fandom or we don't cause drama or something, there will still be people attacking them. I mean common, we don't know how Aaron or Alex's fandoms are and even people outside the fandoms so please stop begging them to finally reveal the news. When they're ready (that's if they are actually dating) they will hopefully reveal it and we will all try to protect them and spread joy over the news, not HATE! (:) This is out of content but.... Do ya'll remember AA Rock!? Now it's their turn to do it to the girls :)

    10. Kimaya Jayasinghe

      i just lovvveee these 4

    11. Yatzin Lugo

      Alex looks so cute lol 🥰😂

    12. Chris Manuyag

      And today there is 37K or 37M 🙂😐

    13. Lichano Khuvung

      I live for the Vava squad. Their collabs are so much fun! 😭💕

    14. Stacy Hurtado

      Roni is next level omg sooo cool

    15. Stacy Hurtado

      Both are so fun

    16. Batman G

      Aaron did the best!!! I love the tattoo and the still is very gived a hipster Style love it!!

    17. Georgia Holdham

      Omg Roni does look older. Instead of 24 , she looks like 30 in that outfit. I have to say to the guys that I am impressed , I mean I know that the girls would maybe buy these outfits like except for the hats though.

    18. Paris Pug

      I died when Aaron said "imma get you food" 🤣🤣

    19. AC Arhianee

      Is that a Philippine flag on Aaron's hoodie? Aaron's so patient 😅 He's like an ideal brother 😊 Hahahahah about the flirting something 😂 seriously got me laughing. Those outfits are cool tho maybe it's better with plain white socks than tie dyed ones. Both of them look good in anything they wear 😉 I mean they can rock anything they wear.

    20. Nova PoopieHead

      ah i cannot decide both beacause nessa outift is with yellow like the sun

    21. JAYA 99

      Fry hair

    22. Renee Zapien


    23. Lauren King

      I know Alex has a girlfriend but I still think him and Nessa would be cute 😭

      1. just the truth

        i was thinking this but didn’t wanna comment😭

    24. Natalee Thomas

      So 😍 😊 😚

    25. Alecza Gabrielle

      Roni and Aaron talks so cute to each other😭💜 i love it

    26. youtuber

      Love this squad so much 🥺❤❤

    27. Arielle V

      Alex dressed her as his gf lol

    28. Angelina Korp

      How is no one gonna talk about how excited Aaron got when roni posed so cute and gorgeous at 6:54🤭

    29. Oshrat Eizenberg

      I think Aaron is cute! That's what I think haha 😍

    30. Skyler Leigh-ché

      I think Alex did a better makeover

    31. Primitiva Luna

      Definitely Aaron

    32. Happiness and health

      Both of them did an amazing job But the hit was the star of the whole video

    33. banished4eva

      Nessa: why did they take so long?? Alex: idk they were probably flirting or smthng *Meanwhile* Roni getting mad at Aaron for putting the tattoos on wrong

    34. banished4eva

      Other than the tattoos, Nessas was great ♡

    35. MJ _

      Nessa always has me laughing 😂😂

    36. MJ _

      Can Roni & Aaron please just fall in love and be together forever... please, that would be great 🙋‍♀️

    37. Cheesm

      lol nessas hat looks like its for a 6 year old! ps i love u guys

    38. Nariaa.06

      I think the tattoos definitely suit roni !! She should get some 😌

      1. Nariaa.06

        I didn’t watch Nessa getting her temp tattoo and I think they both should definitely get some tattoos

    39. AVS Arellano

      Love love love Aaron's Hoodie... Philippines all the way

    40. Alveena Manjur

      Roni and Nessa look good with tatoos

    41. Marriana Maloney


    42. sheentheexplorer

      I love the outfits!

    43. Ed

      Arm tattoos look good

    44. BH Sprinkle

      This was hilarious. Way to be brave ladies. Obvious proof that you can wear any style.

    45. maryam salma

      I like nessa’s hat it would look nice with a different outfit and Roni’s outfit is cute too they did a good job

    46. eya claris

      when their squad have a filipino blood

    47. leya Leonard

      Hii merrel twins i hope your day has been good i just searched how old are u guys and i found out you guys are 24 is that true because emily dobson she googled how old she was and google said she was 91 ahha so can u guys tell me your real age im such a big fan of u guys love you😄☺☺🤗❤

    48. Elle Joy Leong

      Roni with the nose ring tho

    49. Ozayr Omar

      Do a video where the twins style Aaron and Alex

    50. Sophie

      The way Aaron fixed Roni's hair is such couple goals

    51. mei a

      I LOVE Nessa's outfit tho

    52. M. Uwani Perera

      Aaron you did it great

    53. See With Saima

      Love from Bangladesh!

    54. Ricky Gonzalez

      I'm back after watching the fake tattoo video lol

    55. Brian Stelzer

      I love Roni’s look

    56. Jasmine Tabbay


    57. Jill

      oh gosh Roni is like... she does NOT look good with tattoos AARON!

    58. Alma Semaña

      I actually liked roni's pose when she said she feels so much older😂😂

    59. Keira

      Why can they where anything and still look so gorgeous? Literally girls you are so pretty ❤️✨

    60. Ava Aboy

      The tattooing reminds me of that scene in a walk to remember with the butterfly tattoo

    61. Gayatri saanvi

      7:12 nessa is literall me

    62. Tamalupe Mekuli

      Imagine if it was real LMAO

    63. Valerie Chung

      I really like nessa's outfit & roni's isn't that bad !! overall, i think the boys did well💛

    64. Paola Lopez

      When Alex gave the necklace to Vanessa and Alex said you like in like a British accent

    65. anna torres

      i give roni a 9.5 & nessa a 10 both of the guys did good 👍🏼

    66. Amal Khan

      they both look amazing!

    67. Zoey Hill

      I ship nessa and Alex together

    68. Kaylee Nguyen

      Roni looks like an Instagram baddie Edit: they both kinda do actually

    69. Kaylee Nguyen


    70. BobaTeaQueen 13

      I love the hat on Nessa! 💖

    71. Dawn Imperial

      Revelation 3:8 "I know your works. Because you have limited strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name, look, I have placed before you an open door that no one is able to close."

    72. Snig D

      Nessa looks firee so does RONI

    73. gioyu comi

      Veronica feeling herself and the outfit was such a personality change for a sec lol (6:51)


      💙❤️😍🥰😘 I love their outfits and I like Aaron's Jacket ☺️ Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

    75. Riley Ellis


    76. Sophie Felarise

      Ronnie looks like Emma Chamberlain

    77. Jessica Ritchie

      Lol 😝

    78. Fruity puffs

      Roni's outfit was all over the place while Nessa's actually made sense xD

    79. Camille Li

      did any of u guys go to the Swedish place in Santa baraba. i think i spotted two of u

    80. Vismaya Sudha

      Love NESSA'S look

    81. Tiana Pillai

      I love how Arron is acting like a mom by just smoothing Roni’s hair😂

    82. seiom jvony

      I just love the look on Roni’s face when Aaron started to put the tattoo on! 😂 Lol

    83. Suhani's Amazing World

      aron-8.5 alex-10

    84. Siba Dlamini

      I’ve just started watching you guys and I love u❤️🌸

    85. julswed

      I think Aaron did better! But both Roni and Nessa looked good!

    86. Christel Redeem Zamudio

      did they change clothes with aaron and alex?

    87. Annie Washington

      Aaron you definitely done the best

    88. AwesomenessTV

      ive said it once and i'll say it a million times. Roni and Nessa can rock literally ANY outfit omg

      1. seiom jvony

        Veronica feeling herself and the outfit was such a personality change for a sec lol (6:51)

    89. Tayba Sayed

      I hate reading the comments because there can be spoilers

    90. Yousra Zaheer

      Aaron:and i got you this Roni everytime: oMgdDDDD

    91. Swedish Fish

      I thought Aaron was going for a gothic look after the tattoos. The beach vacation look caught me off guard haha

    92. Eleven

      "it's very interesting" "What is, your outfit?'' "Oh, Yes"

    93. kayniara wirya

      WE NEED RONI IN THAT OUTFIT AGAIN !!!!!!! she looks like that cool adults in movies lolllll

    94. Susanna Einstein

      0:43 Alex: what time is it?

    95. Ravana Russell

      Ronnie and Vanessa I really like really your KGup videos on KGup channel

    96. Gwyneth Neria

      I give it a 100/100 for the outfit, Arron and Alex did a very good job, good job you guys

    97. Nicole Biala

      PH flag on Aaron shirt!

    98. crazymad edits

      ok but the views....

    99. mikea hiooi

      Why did Nessa actually look good??!! The whole outfit worked well together (except for the socks 😶) and the hat looked really good on her!

    100. Samaira Mundhra

      So I was listening to 7 rings and I sung the whole song know what I sang? The Merrell Twin parody of the song!