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  1. Queen Safron

    Y'all are the best youtubets in the world if I was God I would give you 198m subscribers.

  2. Axxa V

    i luv how their being so chaotic from the very beginning to the very end xD

  3. Jumana Abbas

    merrel twins mix up their words and studder FAIL

  4. mylovebug j

    The actor for the Dad kind a looks like their dad !

  5. Milagros Santiago

    I like Burger King, in an out and McDonald’s the rest I’ve never ever tried in my entire life

  6. Donutss Lover

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👏

  7. Donutss Lover

    OMG 😮 U can sing so good

  8. Joss Perez


  9. Chloe Proceso

    My favorite about the merrell twins is that they don't fight often me and my brother😂😂

  10. valeria.

    “how did you do?!” *not good*

  11. Jolanda Xhelilaj

    ANYONE IN 2021

  12. Kensli Fisher

    Carol so annoying

  13. Miranda Francique

    Nessa and ronni is funny

  14. Lit2c1

    there voice is so cute 🥺

  15. Ruby Montes

    Roni: I have a feeling that this is going to be good *vomits as soon as it touches tongue*

  16. Sarah Potter

    they look so diffrent

  17. Ruby Montes

    Try McDonald's fries and Carmel frappuccino

  18. moonxvlogs

    I am 2008 but I also had that movie thin g

  19. Eddie Riley


  20. Caitlin Kirby Lee

    They sing so pretty

  21. Erika H

    Haha 🥑


    You guys are so funny!!! Hahahaha

  23. Hailey Wisell

    I want a home again😭

  24. Jonaire Salazar

    Ahhhh 😭❤hoping to c u guys Collaborate again soon💕

  25. Modernong Psycheuuu

    This is amazing!!! I hope you make another oneeee!!! 💗

  26. Cathy Pennington

    Apple's dipped in ketchup and a different one is Oreo's with flower in it. Yes, I like it.

  27. Emmanuelle Schon

    Nessa said I don’t like but she kept eating it.🤣🤣

  28. Christiane Petit


  29. Christiane Petit


  30. Christiane Petit


  31. Althea Faith

    I miss this trio please collab again please please please

  32. sean loquillano

    From now it's 9 years ago

  33. Nidhi Krishna

    I love tiny stuff but not food

  34. Chloe Margaret Mendoza

    Does anyone notice that Mr. Brown is the DJ in this episode, or is it just me?

  35. Maryam Kashif

    2:41 nessa flip her phone so that someone cant see her messeges

  36. Abdulrahman M

    I would make a cup

  37. Caitlin Kirby Lee

    SSR super sinker Ronny

  38. Amelia Varghese

    ily guys and you guys were my whole childhood 😭❤️

  39. Nadia Gambuta

    Congrats, Merrell Twins! Your at 5.97 million subscribers! So close to 6 million! Waiting for the 6 million music video!!!! I'm 11and I'm such a big twinner!!!!!

  40. Caitlin Kirby Lee

    As soon as I sent that first comment Ronny said that she hats her life and I can't stop laughing

  41. Hannah Dycus


  42. Caitlin Kirby Lee

    I would have done that what Nessa is doing I fell bad for Ronny

  43. Abdulrahman M

    I wanted to be a twin but I didn’t

  44. Aleena zubaida

    Your guys videos are the best

  45. Jood Mohamed Abdulla Al Khalifa

    Say “love merely” if you are watching this in 2021 7 may

  46. rishila noushad

    I cant stop laughing when he take the octopus

  47. Cici Life

    part 5 pleaseeee

  48. Kaylah P

    I love it

  49. Kaylah P


  50. Reem Alhebsi


  51. Alexis Brouillard

    All my favorites :))

  52. Zara Sparkles

    I just want to say 13:27 the funny part comes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🥲🥲

  53. Alisandra VM

    my comfort people!

  54. Alpha Gameing


  55. Sunny Star

    Wait You Havent Taste A Milo I Though Milo Is Like The Hole World Have It I Guess Its Not

  56. Shaheen Armar


  57. Shaheen Armar


  58. Sunny Star

    I love Milo Its So Good

  59. SummerTime ComeSooner

    who else always thought the shortening that roni ate looked good as a kid

  60. Shaheen Armar


  61. Spiderkid324

    Im the one with weird laugh

  62. TheRealDeal

    The surprised face for the thumbnail is so unnatural and forced xD

  63. Hannah

    Oh my I can't believe they all look alike! Lol😂

  64. Rana Dashash


  65. izzah faisal

    3:07 this sounds like an ell

  66. Kikay Love

    Merrell twins help me to communicate bella twins notice me I'm fans for Philippines 🥺🥺🥺

  67. Liyansa Karunanayaka

    When i was listening to this i just found it in a concidence and to tell the truth i really thought ariana grande was singing love you guys alot❤️

  68. Gacha _Wolfie

    Wait I’m confused did Nathalie and Rylie(idk how to spell it) switch places?

  69. M4r_70n85

    ronis room is like a get away room, nessas room is much cooler XD

  70. Sarah Potter

    SEASON 222222222222222222222

  71. Karleigh The potato

    I love how the last 5 minutes of the video are just roni and nessa procrastinating not putting their hand in the box😂😂😂 And I watched every second👍

  72. Gemma Beviss


  73. Aerin Esperanza

    Ok it’s my turn to ask: Who’s watching this in 2021?

  74. Nidhi Krishna


  75. Edson Chavez

    Bring Roi back!!

  76. kaviath Ravindran Satish

    Roni's room screams nature Nessa's room screams games.. Both have amazing rooms ❤ Love from India 🇮🇳

  77. Sarah Potter

    anyone she the guy with the vvm merch

  78. Norshahana Norisham

    I wil only know krispy creams..